Trammell Crow Residential

·        Uses:  They will maintain the bus facility on the site, and sink it underground.

·        They are submitting two proposals, one “MOR” with about 300 units, but maintaining the bus facility on site, and the other using the PUD process.

·        “MOR” proposal [this is not actually MOR, since it involves retail uses in the residential zone and more importantly, the expansion of the bus facility, which is a non-conforming use, and thus would be subject to the provisions of Chapter 20 of the Zoning Regulations.]

o       360,000 SF, with a footprint similar to that shown at the ANC meeting  There are several courtyards, none accessible to the public.  They will “activate” all streets with retail.

o       Height of 65 feet on the 44th and Jenifer portion of the site, and the rest, zoned R-5-B, would have a height of 50 feet.  These are probably measured from the mid-point on Wisconsin Avenue, but we have asked for the actual heights measured from Jenifer Street and from 44th Street.

o       There would be 4-5 stories on the mid-rise, with units of about 950 GSF

o       There would be 35,000-50,000 SF commercial, with 3 stores along 44th, one on Jenifer [possibly divisible], and two on Wisconsin. 

o       Parking:  There will be a ramp for the buses, two or three parking levels for residential, with 1.15-1.2 spaces per unit.  The developer stated that they usually sell one with the unit, and if available, the purchaser can buy another.

o       They will build over the Metro entrance.

·        The PUD proposal

o       They would request a map amendment to C-2-B for the entire site, and have 750 units, with 840,000 SF of total space, including 35-50,000 SF of retail.

o       They would be multi-dwelling units [MDUs], but whether they are condos or rental will depend on market conditions at the time.

o       They will attempt to temporarily move the bus facility during construction and move back after completion.

o       There would be the same ratio of spaces per unit, and they think that there will be three levels of parking.

o       The height will be 90 feet on Jenifer, but they will “taper” it as much as they can, but when asked about the topography on the site, he stated that the 90 foot height was as measured by the zoning regulations, i.e., from the mid-point of the front on Wisconsin, and that the actual height on Jenifer will be about 107.

o       It will be this height until about the midpoint of the 44th Street frontage, and “taper” down to the south.