·        Square Footage and FAR:  They will be requesting a PUD with current zoning [42,264 SF zoned C-2-B to an FAR of 6.0, and 121,876 SF zoned R-5-B to an FAR of 3.0].  A PUD to these limits will be 619,212 SF, and LCOR’s proposed project is for approximately 613,095.

·        Uses:  They are proposing 350 residential units [mostly one bedroom and den, with an average of 1,625 SF per unit based on gross SF], and about 20,475 SF retail space.  The retail space will be located along Jenifer Street and along Wisconsin Avenue.  It will consist of only small stores, no big boxes.  They expect to have 1.55 parking spaces per residential unit.

·        Design:

o       The southern wing [north of the alley behind Harrison] will be 4 stories, and there will be a courtyard off of 44th Street with ground floor units having stoops off the courtyard.

o       The building steps up to 5 stories at the other side of the courtyard.

o       There is a vehicular entrance from 44th Street just north of the 5-story portion of the building. 

o       The building along Jenifer and at the northern end of 44th Street will be 90 feet in height.  That building will include retail

o       The buildings along Wisconsin will include retail, and have a height of 60 feet.  There will be a courtyard between the Wisconsin Avenue section and residential-only buildings which is not accessible to the public.

o       The vehicular entrance from 44th Street.  There would be one and a half parking levels, with the half-level the lowest, that will accommodate 560 vehicles, 1.5 per residential unit, and for retail one per 750 SF [approximately 30 spaces].  The visitor parking for the residential portion is included in the 1.5 spaces per unit.  Generally, they sell one space with the unit, and allow purchase of second space if available.  They would be amenable [and actually prefer] an agreement where residents would not be eligible for RPPs.

o       Loading for the Wisconsin Avenue retail will be from the alley behind the Buick site.