·        Combining WMATA and Buick Sites:  Proposes to combine the WMATA and Buick sites, and to keep the WMATA bus garage facility at the site, on one level, the 44th Street level, with an entrance and exit on the 44th Street.

·        FAR:  Developer stated that the FAR for the development on the combined site is 4.5-5.0.

·        Heights:

o       The height along Jenifer Street and a large portion of the project along 44th Street will be 110 feet [plus penthouse] for zoning purposes.  We requested clarification on the measuring point for the height measurements, since there is a large change in elevation in the site, with the 44th Street side approximately 17 feet lower than the Wisconsin Avenue side.  The actual height of the building on Jenifer Street is 125 feet plus an 18.5 foot penthouse.

o       The height along the lower portion of 44th Street will be 60 feet, rising to 110 feet around the middle of the block, as measured for zoning purposes.  The actual height along 44th Street will be 71 feet, rising to 125 feet.

o       The height of the building across the alley from some of the two-story apartment buildings will be 112 feet, while the height of the building across the alley from the others will be 71 feet.  The 71 foot and 112 foot portions of the building will be 15 feet from the alley behind the two-story apartments.

o       The height along Wisconsin Avenue will be 85 to 90 feet.

·        Square Footage and Uses:  The developer estimates the square footage at 890,000 SF [for zoning purposes], and states that it will include 550 apartment units and approximately 134,000 SF of retail space, with 1,260 parking spaces, and they will have approximately 1.25 spaces of parking per unit for the residential portion of the site.  [In the solicitation, WMATA requested at least 120 parking spaces for its employees at any replacement bus facility.  It isn’t clear as to whether Akridge is including 120 spaces for WMATA employees on site, in addition to the ability to service approximately 138 buses.]

·        Actual Proposed Square Footage:  In response to more specific questions, the developers provided the following information on the proposed gross square footage by use:

o       Bus garage:       195,172 GSF;

o       Residential:       724,171 GSF;

o       Retail:  134,153 GSF; and

o       Office:              none.

o       Total for the above uses:  approximately 1,053,500 SF. 

·        Design:

o       There will be a vehicular entrance from Wisconsin Avenue to a circular [one-way] roadway within the project, with that roadway lined with apartments, with ground floor and some second floor retail, with heights of approximately 90 feet.  There will be public access to that area.

o       There is an additional courtyard behind the 110 foot tall portion of the building that will not have public access.

o       There will be three levels of parking below the 44th Street level, which will accommodate the bus facility, some retail and one residential entrance.

o       The Wisconsin level will have one-story retail on a large courtyard off Wisconsin, which also includes 4 residential entrances.

o       In the back of the courtyard off Wisconsin, a flagship retail store will have two levels, and there will be two-level retail in several other places.

o       Loading bays from 44th Street, north of the bus exit, as well as a small facility at the alley near the Pepco substation.

o       Metro elevators will be enclosed, and residential units will be above the Metro elevator area.

o       They will maintain the façade of the trolley barn on 44th Street.

o       Exhaust from the bus facility and garages will be carried through the building and exhausted at the roof levels, with air handlers in the ceiling of the garage.

·        Alley Closing:  They will be requesting a closing of the alley between the Buick site and the WMATA site, approximately 2,000 SF of land.